Western Dressage Saddle


To have that perfect ride in a Western Dressage Saddle, you have to have a great saddle fit for you and your horse.
– Here is a saddle that you can adjust to position yourself for balance, alignment, and comfort through seat shims and positioning of the fenders.
– The seat is built to accommodate a woman’s pelvis, being narrow through the twist, low in the rise and wide where the seat bones sit.
– The custom tree for your horse allows him to easily and comfortably perform the high-level, precise maneuvers required, without interference from the saddle. Keep the saddle fitted with shims under the bars if he is asymmetrical or if he changes shape due to age or conditioning.
– Top it off with a traditional western profile where you choose the details and you’ve got a winner!
– Take it to the mountains and you and your horse will enjoy all-day comfort.

The process:
1) Measure your horse: Click here to order the 3D equine back profiling system.
2) Pay the deposit: Click on, “Add to Cart” button below
3) Select your saddle options: Click on, “Create Your Custom Saddle” button below

The saddle price may not be representative of the saddles pictured.


66 / 100

Seat sizes:
• 14″ seat – 8.5″ thigh, cut back swells 10″- approx saddle length 24″, bare tree bar length 19″.
• 15″ seat – 9.5″ thigh, cut back swells 11″ – approx saddle length 25″, bare tree bar length 20″.
• 16″ seat- 10.5″ thigh, cut back swells 12″ – approx saddle length 26″, bare tree bar length 21″.
• 17″ seat – 11.5″ thigh, cut back swells 13″ – approx saddle length 27″, bare tree bar length 22″.

All saddles come with:
• Shop built, made to measure tree
• Adjustable cable rigging
• Shimmable bar pads
• Turned stirrups
• Adjustable (forward or back) stirrup/fender
• Shimmable seat
• Saddle strings
• 5-year tree and workmanship warranty
• Weight approximately 22 lbs (Endurance and English are approx 16 lbs)
• Choice of cantle finish, horn style, skirts, swells, conchos, stirrups and leather colours
• Optional border stamping, leather tooling or trophy lettering

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions65 × 45 × 45 cm